I’m Ravinder and I am a wedding photographer from Fife, Scotland.

Love photography and people.

Not just a photographer but hopefully your friend.

Capturing the moment, no matter how big or small.

Sometimes, I look back on old albums of me and my family as a child growing up and I can’t believe some of the moments that were captured. An image of me as a baby held in my mother’s arms. Me and my brother as kids with pony tails! My first time in a nightclub. A picture of me posing with my first car, a battered old Ford Fiesta. The year backpacking and making friends across USA. My first day in primary school. My first time witnessing and capturing the Northern lights. My beloved pet dog, Meg. The feeling of nervousness, excitement and happiness when asked to shoot my first wedding. These are real life moments and memories and this is what I strive to capture when you book me as your photographer.